ATE (Advanced Television Engineering) Video Production Studio was founded in New York City
in May of 2004. The primary areas of concentration are:
production of television content for broadcast (shooting & editing);
professional video production using cutting-edge equipment (including taping of private events).
Our clients: national television channels in Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine;
american television channels (RTN/WMNB, JBS/Shalom TV, RTVi, NTV America etc.)

Russian Art in New York
Commercials, Web Video

Big Apple Academy AD

Special Project
Alex Arbit, owner and principal executive of ATE Studio, is an award winning video producer with over 30 years in the television industry. He is also a proficient television engineer with more than 15 years of active professional membership in SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers).
  Aleksandr Arbit DBA ATE
Staten Island, New York
+1 718-930-9956
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